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About Ascend Health

How many times have you wished you had more time to focus on your health? Between work, ​family, and all the other many things we juggle, it can be difficult to take time for ourselves. ​This is where Ascend Health seeks to fill the gap, and meet you where you are.

Located in the greater Memphis, TN area, licensed chiropractor Shane Pugsley meets you at your ​workplace or home to address the physical ailments that come with balancing those daily tasks, ​without interrupting your schedule. Our team also offers the option to develop personalized ​wellness plans to help you achieve your optimal health potential. Ascend Health, LLC is fully ​incorporated, licensed, and insured to serve Bartlett and the surrounding Memphis region.

What makes us different?

Evidence-Based ​Chiropractic

Unlike most chiropractors ​who will emphasize long-​term treatment plans, our ​goal is ​to help you achieve ​a pain-free and active life ​as quickly as possible.


We have the ability to ​come to you and provide ​chiropractic care & health ​services to your group ​​wherever you happen to be.

Whole-Patient ​Approach

We know chiropractic isn’t ​for everyone. if that ​happens to be your case, we ​will work with our medical ​​network to find a place ​where you can continue ​your journey to health.

Ascend Health is a proud member and ambassador of the Bartlett Chamber of Commerce.

MeeT the Team

Shane Pugsley, D.C.

Since graduating in 2019 from Logan Univeristy ​with his doctorate, Shane has been a one-of-a-​kind chiropractor that seeks to address your ​pain with honesty, accuracy, and efficiency. ​Through adjustments and supplemental ​therapies, he will seek to get you back on your ​feet with the fewest appointments possible.​ Ascend Health was founded in 2023 by Shane ​and his wife, Sarah, who believed that they ​could bring a fresh perspective of chiropractic ​and wellness to the community, and help ​patients regain control of their own health.

Sarah Pugsley, m.S., PA-S

Sarah draws upon her education from her B.S. ​in Alternative Medicine and her M.S. in Human ​Biology to build plans with patients and help ​them identify places in their life where small ​efforts can make a big difference in their ​physical and mental well-being. Sarah is ​currently also completing another Master’s to ​soon join the team as a Physician Assistant.

On-Site Chiropractic

On-site chiropractic is our mobile model, which ​specifically ​aims to fill the gap for hard-working employees ​who wish to ​receive convenient care. Our on-site model is ​all-inclusive, so ​the cost of the mobile package includes the ​travel and time of ​our team in the pricing options (within ​10 miles of Bartlett).

What is the on-site experience like?

We will bring in a travel adjusting table and set up a ​​chiropractic station in an area of your choice. Employees will ​then be able to ask questions ​and receive care during the time ​frame which we are there. Like any other chiropractic ​​experience, patient care will only be offered after a physical ​exam and health history has ​been assessed and chiropractic care ​is determined to be appropriate for the individual.

Clinical Chiropractic

Do you wish you could see a chiropractor when you need ​one, without ​committing to long-term treatment plan? ​Whether you’ve had success with ​chiropractic in the past or ​you’re just intrigued to see how we can help, we would be ​​happy to meet with you and discuss your wellness goals and ​build a plan together.

At our Ascend Health clinic in Bartlett, TN, we will make ​​recommendations to help you enhance your performance ​and ​reduce pain, while continually re-evaluating your ​progress ​and adapting along the way. We also incorporate strength-​building and posture-supporting exercises and therapies ​that ​focus on relaxing the muscles around the joints, so that we ​can thoroughly address ​your discomfort via multiple ​approaches and maximize your recovery time.

Shane Pugsley’s chiropractic adjustments are gentle and ​accurate, correcting the most ​precise misalignment while ​leaving everything that is pain-free undisturbed.

You can count on us ​taking your wellness one visit at a ​time, and including you in ​the decision-making for ​every step of your care.

Schedule Your Appointment

Click the link above to schedule a chiropractic appointment. If multiple people ​would like to receive treatment on the same day, you may make separate ​appointments, or contact us directly for a block booking at 901-352-5858 or by​ emailing us here. There is no deposit required to schedule a block booking.

Complete the forms above before your first visit.

Health Coaching

  • Nutrition and exercise counseling
  • Weight loss planning
  • Balancing stress
  • Improving sleep health
  • Minimizing addictive behaviors
  • Smoking cessation
  • Managing chronic disease naturally
  • Improved compliance of current health plan and medications

Health coaching services are provided by Sarah Pugsley, who has a strong background in ​alternative medicine research and higher-education and is furthering her education to expand ​her scope of practice in the medical field. Let us know when you book your appointment if ​you are interested in including health coaching.

Affordable rates

On-Site ​Chiropractic

$30/participant ($25 if ​five or more participants)

Participants pay for their ​own care. Participants that ​pre-registered will receive ​priority ​treatment, and if ​time allows we will welcome ​additional participants to ​join. Travel is included in ​Bartlett and within 10 miles ​of Bartlett for bookings of ​at least five.

Corporate ​Chiropractic

250/2 hours

$400/4 hours

$575/6 hours

Ideal for employee wellness ​as a benefit or workplace ​incentive and corporate ​events. The ​hourly cost is ​covers the treatment of all ​participants that receive ​care ​during the reserved ​time, as well as travel ​within 10 miles of Bartlett.

Home Visit ​Chiropractic

$40 Exam & First Visit

$30 Follow-Up Visit

Includes the ​comprehensive care ​indicated for you at the ​time of your ​visit: an ​assessment of your ​progress, adjustment, and ​ most appropriate therapies ​and ​rehabilitation work.

Health ​Coaching

Starting at $25.

Packages are added to ​chiropractic bookings, and ​pricing is dependent on the ​specifics of the health ​counseling needed.

Ascend health, LLC Is currently self-pay only.

Frequently Asked Questions

What conditions can chiropractic help?

  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Hip, shoulder, knee pain
  • Sports injuries
  • Athletic performance
  • Pregnancy pain
  • Headaches/migraines

How many visits does it typically take to see results?

That answer is different for each patient, but our goal is to get you out of pain in the fewest ​appointments possible. If you are back on track in only a few appointments, we will consider that a ​win for all of us. We do not require standardized multi-visit treatment plans.

It is a liability to allow chiropractic in my business? Not for you! Ascend Health, LLC is fully ​incorporated, licensed, and insured, so you can be confident offering wellness incentives in your ​office.

Do you offer a traditional in-clinic chiropractic experience?

That’s the plan! Ascend Health launched with the vision of meeting the demand for chiropractic for ​those with busy schedules, and mobile chiropractic has been our priority. However, there are plans ​in the works for a clinic location in the near future.

Do you take X-rays?

No. Very few chiropractic patients actually need X-rays, and an accurate diagnosis and treatment ​plan can usually be made with a physical exam. We minimize the use of X-rays to protect our ​patients from exposure to radiation and to reduce the likelihood of incidental findings. That way, ​we are not chasing a problem we see, rather than the problems you feel. That said, if our physical ​exam raises any concern whatsoever, we always refer our patients to one of our affiliated imaging ​centers before proceeding with treatment.

What if chiropractic doesn’t help me?

Sometimes that happens. If chiropractic doesn’t seem to be the right treatment fit for you, we will ​be the first to refer you to the right specialists to control your pain. We do not believe any patient ​should live with chronic pain, and we will not stop working with you we get you feeling better, even ​if we are not the ones to get you there.

What ages do you work with?

Any age! I’ve worked with every special population, including infants, pregnant women, athletes, ​and older adults. If you have questions about whether you would be a good fit for our treatment, ​send us an email at

What is your unique approach to chiropractic?

Where normal chiropractic clinics typically schedule for a number of visits regardless of where you ​start in your wellness journey, at Ascend Health we like to meet you where you are. We will tailor ​your treatment plan based on where you are when we start, the length of time we truly believe that it ​will take, and our experience treating similar conditions. We want you to get out of pain as quickly ​as possible, and we will always be transparent about how we can help. If by chance we are not able ​to help, then we will do anything and everything we can to get you to the right specialists. We have ​built deep relationships in the community that range from orthopedists to pediatricians and ​everywhere in between. Your health is our number one priority!

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Serving Bartlett, TN and the ​greater Memphis region.

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